Ovni 385

Houat-0712 040

OVNIs are powerful offshore cruisers and at any one time there are upwards of 25 circumnavigating.

This is  the more popular 2-cabin version (3 cabin versions are usually for charter fleets) and is in exceptional, original condition, which shows you don’t have to repaint them every 10 years as many would have you believe.  But, whilst it is the case they are robustly built of a durable material, they can be cosmetically fragile – meaning for example winch handles carelessly placed can cause paint chips, and steel fittings (hinges, attaching screws) if not properly insulated will cause corrosion bubbling.

The french tend to want to go sailing and accept these negatives as minor (you can touch up paint chips easily enough).  Whilst still wanting to go sailing, the anglo-saxons  who by and large don’t understand the aluminium DI concept,  tend to be preoccupied with the condition and look of their boat, as well as wanting multiple cabins/heads  (Yes, comments expected!)

@ Sauzon, Belle-Ile

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