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Ovni 385 - ready to go (Sep 2012)DSC_0662

[NOTE – this site was originally put up when the boat was for sale – which it no longer is – we couldn’t bear to part with him (in france boats are male) so now it is for general information purposes. After 18 years of owning two Ovnis we have a great deal of acquired knowledge of these boats so feel free to ask questions via the Contact form]

One of the last of the 385s (a Phillipe Briand design, as have been most Ovnis) which became the significantly different 395 in 2004 (loa, lwl, beam, draught, displacement & hull form – a Marc Lombard design this time) – so this one is just about the youngest 385 around

Owner’s version (2 cabins) of this ocean-going centreboarder (not swing-keel) aluminium yacht

Based in southern Brittany and enjoying what must be one of the world’s best cruising grounds for its mix of destinations (islands in every direction, sophistication or rustic charm as required), conditions (very temperate climate, but this is the Bay of Biscay..) and major tides (it’s no accident that the reference in the DI concept (Deriveur Integral or fully retracting centreboarder) evolved here)

Oh, and if you’re looking at this because you’re considering buying an Ovni, don’t be put off by all the guff about electrolysis or galvanic corrosion – of course there can be truth in it (usually on home-built aluminium boats or post-upgrade work due to incorrect wiring/installations) but that’s like saying “don’t consider a fibreglass boat because of osmosis”  Huh??

PS There is normally a current leakage gauge which lets you know when there’s a problem needing attention – never had a problem in 17 years but they can of course occur – often due incorrect antifoul, anode installation/bonding, bad prepping of painted surfaces, older boats with steel tanks which come into contact with the hull, use of incorrect water treatments in aluminium tanks, etc..)






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